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Information Management System

People are using their mobile devices more than their desk bound computers to do their daily tasks. However, they are using too many apps which have different workflows and datasets. This unproductive and prone to errors due to duplication. Our Apps are cross-platform that have the same workflow, interface and use the same datasets. Running natively on Android, iOS and Windows, they are blazingly fast and easy to learn/use.
  • Common Data Set: The current approach is having emails, files, emails, etc running in different Apps using different data sets. This causes a lot unnecessary duplication and errors which lead to productivity and cost issues. Our solution has all the modules like Projects, Emails, Files, Staff, Contacts etc running in a Single APP using the same Common Data Set. There is no duplication and each module can cross reference the data set with other modules.
  • Same Workflow and User Interface: Anyone who has used Gmail, Outlook, WhatsApp will realise that the workflows and interfaces are very different across different apps. Worst of all, the same App eg Gmail or Outlook has diffferent workflow and interface in Android, iOS, Desktop and web implementations. This is very frustrating and again affects the productivity of the users. Our solution is written from ground up to use the same workflow and interface for all modules. If a user has tried one module, he/she can easily infer how to navigate and use the other modules.
  • External Communication: Most firms depend on email and file sharing solutions for this. However, these solutions were designed more for individual users rather than project work. They are also lacking in security and tracking functionalities. Our solution makes use of a custom built email server and client that goes beyond standard email solutions. Each email can be up to 50MB in size, project-based and has tracking for sent emails.The Files module manages all the files whether files uploaded to projects, attachments in emails or messages in one place. This makes it very easy to search for files without having to navigate through countless folders. Files can be sharedout and the downloads are tracked and recorded within the project. The “File ShareIn” module enables external parties to upload files straight into a project and again has all the audit trial.
  • Internal Communication: While messaging Apps like WhatsApp, Teams, Slack and Telegram are convenient and fast, they are not secured. Worst of all, they don’t handle projects well. Our Message Module can be used as personal messaging between one or more staff members or as a dedicated project discussion for team members. Security is very tight and only those in the “from” and “to” list can access.
  • Project Management: The Project Module is at the heart of the entire system. After setting up a project, you can add internal and external team members. Documents which are related to a project e.g. emails, files, time sheets, events, claims will be automatically aligned to the project and accessible to project team members with the required access rights. You can easily analyse the data for one or all projects very easily.
  • HR Management: The Staff Module stores all information about your current or former personnel. Time sheets, claims, leave, activities, emails and files are also linked to the respective staff members. Like in the Project Module, you can also analyse the data for one or more staff very easily.
  • Security and Privacy: The first level of security is in the different access levels for each staff member. Above that is the “Subsidiary” level e.g. a staff belonging to a subsidiary in a different business entity can only access the data in that subsidiary. However, management personnel may be provided with access to multiple subsidiaries.

    At the module level e.g. contacts, projects, emails, files, those staff with management access levels can set “Privacy” access levels to individual projects and or documents. This is beyond anything available in current commercial offerings.