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About Us

Amalgamated Technologies Pte Ltd was started by Ben Thum in 1990. Back then PCs were incredibly slow and 3D software were at its infancy. He taught himself “assembly language”, a programming language which is closest to the computer’s instruction set. This enabled the software solutions to run at incredibly fast speeds and users were able to achieve high levels of productivity without having to invest in expensive software and hardware. In addition, we also developed short but highly effective training programs to get users up to speed within a few days. Back then large format plotters were beyond the reach of many firms. We then started a plotting service using large format electrostatic plotters. We called this tight integration between training, support, software and hardware solutions “Amalgamated Technologies”

In 2000, Amalgamated Technologies Pte Ltd became a share holder of SIACAD Pte Ltd, a newly formed subsidiary of the Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA). Together they developed some of the most sought-after solutions for the building industry ranging from cloud-based applications like APEX to vertical add-ons for AutoCAD, SketchUp, Revit and ArchiCAD.

In November 2017, Ben sold his shares back to SIA. This long-deserved break allowed him to pursue his other passions – sustainability and super nutrition projects. However, there have been calls to get back to the software industry. In February 2019, we decided to get back to our roots focusing on software development and training.

Welcome to the new phase of “Amalgamated Technologies

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