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IFC-SG For Autodesk Revit

IFC” stands for Industry foundation classes. It is a standardized digital description of the built asset industry. It is an open international standard conforming to ISO 16739.

IFC-SG” is an extension of IFC for Singapore’s CORENET X submission. It is based on 3000 rulesets from different Authorities for e-submission. Each ruleset requires multiple IFC parameters specific to related objects.

You can use native Autodesk, Revit commands to handle IFC-SG. However, this process can be time consuming and you need to set up shared parameters, “IFC PSET files” and also understand IFC.

In early 2021, Autodesk Singapore engaged us to develop an automated solution to make this process more accurate, faster and easier to use. It is currently being pilot tested by several medium-size to large firms in Singapore.

All rights and usage of Autodesk Revit belongs to Autodesk Inc. respectively.