In Singapore, eventually all trainers will be required to be ACTA qualified. We are ACTA qualified and know the correct techniques for training employees. We develop customised and structured training program that best matches your employee’s job requirements. Our approach is “Blended Training” – a hybrid teaching technology that combines traditional classroom led training with online follow-up and support.


We specialise in “vertical customisations”. We study the results you want to achieve and the steps taken to arrive at the results. We then develop an “add-on” that will work within your application software. This add-on will perform all these steps automatically and will also check for accuracy and consistency of the results. This will save your employee valuable time which can be redirected for other important tasks.

Apps Development

It’s an inevitable trend. People are using their mobile devices more than their desk bound computers to do their daily tasks. However, they are using too many apps which have different workflows and datasets. Unproductive and prone to errors due to duplication. Our Apps are cross-platform that have the same workflow, interface and use the same datasets. Running natively on Android, iOS and Windows, they are blazing fast and easy to learn/used.